Airports are turning green

Airports are turning Green

When my auntie told me this story, sure I nearly keeled over it tickled me so much. It’s amazing what hurdles we are prepared to accommodate when we understand that it’s in our interest to do so.

The game is presented to us with simple tribal rules. Them and us. It’s always been played this way. It’s even been colour-coded for your convenience.

But wait – the game hasn’t always been played this way. For if you travelled back to Ulster in the late 1700s you’d find three big teams, not two. Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter, and often some fluidity in between.

Also – and the reason that this story gives me so much hope – we didn’t invent the rules of this game, but we do have the power to change the rules and play our own game. Indeed, when you look around, there has always been some people playing by different rules. Protestants marrying Catholics. Protestants learning Irish. Protestants and Catholics standing up for equality.

So I’m going to kick with both feet and play my own game. And I don’t care if I get picked last…


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