A Zine is a small press publication, rarely to be found in a shop, but quite a thing to behold all the same. Each one has 16 pages or so, and is full of cartoons about my growing up in Ulster. They are not a money-spinner by any means – but more of a think-and-wonder output in the soul-scraping search for my own identity.


Here’s a sample of the cartoons contained in these Zines. They were created as part of a curious and cathartic process of unpicking my Ulster heritage. If you have an interest in Ulster, they might well be interesting to you too.

  • It’s all Japanese to me

    It’s all Japanese to me

    Two years of Latin. Five years of French. One year of German. One year of Spanish. And a brief dalliance with Japanese. But not one word of Gaeilge. Not one. The grammar school that I attended was mixed. It had both girls and boys. It had both protestants and catholics. When I was at school […]

  • Ach away…

    Ach away…

    I’ve seen my dad mow the lawn a thousand times. Usually my brothers and I were waiting in the wings to play football on the freshly-cut theatre of dreams it created. My dad was usually a bit grumpy about this. Apparently our excessive footballing had created patches where grass was now impossible to cultivate. There […]

  • Bag head

    Bag head

    In my early years, it wasn’t too long before I became aware of a polarisation of the people who lived where I lived. Firstly, there was us. Good living country folk. Then there were townies. They seemed to play differently. They were the Tom Sawyer to our Huckleberry Finn. We spent summers picking potatoes and […]

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